At Hollyhocks we strive to create a home from home environment¬†for your child. Hollyhocks are committed¬†to providing high quality and professional¬†early childhood care and education. We support each child to reach their full potential in a safe, secure and stimulating environment. We provide learning opportunities that nurture children’s learning and development in a holistic way. Hollyhocks provide¬†high-quality professional care in a child led environment. Quality for us means warm and kind interactions in a safe and nurturing environment. We operate under the principles of honesty, openness, fairness, and respect. We will cherish your child’s individuality and will ensure to give genuine and¬†equal¬†support and encouragement to each and all within¬†our care. We facilitate a holistic approach¬†to early childhood education and development. We work in close partnership with parent and families¬†ensuring you share your child’s¬†experiences within our service. Our open door policy means parents are always welcome to drop in at any time.¬†

Hollyhocks were established in September 1999 by Helen Cosgrove who is a qualified Montessori teacher. Helen has been deeply involved in childcare for the past twenty-five years and is passionate about creating a home from home environment for the children that use our service and enabling the children to reach their full potential.

We currently employ eight highly qualified and experienced early years educators in our service catering for forty children plus we also provide an after-school service.

Helen Cosgrove