Outdoor Play area

Our outdoor area is a Spacious natural area which includes our vegetable garden where the children plant and care for their own plants and vegetables.

Playing outside provides opportunities for young children to experience the world with all their senses.

At Hollyhocks Young children learn through the type of place or environment they are in. In outdoor spaces children can shout or be noisy, create bigger structures play games which require more expansive movements use their imagination in different ways, be more creative, messier and try out different activities, children learn best through different hand on experiences, exploring, experiencing experimenting and making new discoveries. Children need to be provided with opportunities to try out new things this may involve children getting dirty, wet, or falling over, these experiences help to build children’s confidence and is an important part of learning about skills and limitations. So, let’s get out there and reconnect with nature and remember that all the expensive equipment cannot replace the experience of hands-on experiences with natural materials, outdoor spaces are full of open-ended materials.